Our Core Values

Our mission, vision, guiding principles are made up of who we are, our members embrace the following core values of the AAA. These core values are responsible for our success in our member selection. It is required that all members uphold the following core values.


We believe that an Association is only as strong as its members and can only grow with the contributions and participation. We ask that our members contribute in an optimistic and beneficial manner within the organization.

Ethical Behavior

We believe that ethics are the key to a successful organization. We drive our decisions based on ethical business practices. We expect our member companies to operate in an principled manner conducive and supportive of the Association, we do not tolerate any disruption to the directives of the Association by a member that will cause harm. Membership may be revoked should disruption occur.

Progressive Thinking

We believe to succeed in business we must remain progressive and on the leading edge of the latest in product design, production equipment, technology and business practices. To grow we and our member companies must embrace learning and appreciate the knowledge provided by our vendor partners and our members.

Win-Win Scenarios

We believe in the principle that if one gives… one will receive 10 fold. Our members share immeasurable knowledge and each will continue to be the benefactor of such knowledge if they also reciprocate in kind. It has been proven the group provides a springboard for success. All members need to do is embrace the offerings and become active members.

All for One/One for All Values

We are a family; we protect and watch out for our own. We advise members of changing issues in the operating environment and keep members abreast of things they should watch for in their business. We do this with the participation of our members; as it is often a member that uncovers a change that is deemed critical for our members businesses.

Purchasing Power –our prime directive

Purchasing -our founding core value, our mission, our vision. Combined purchasing in an ethical and reputable manner to benefit both our shareholders and our stakeholders –our vendors.



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