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Suppliers to the Association have exposure to over 65 of the largest award manufacturers/retailers in North America representing the largest combined purchasing power in the industry with products shown in almost 100 showroom throughout North America. Our Vendor partners must offer pricing based on volume that will allow members to realize the benefits therein – by realizing lower costs and increased profitability. A valued vendor partnership also allows our members to participate in the newest innovations in product design and technology introductions.

Our vendor partners present their special offers for review and distribution to the membership in real -time by using the secured vendor portal found on this website. Updated pricing and deals can be simply added and pushed out the membership for proper pricing and savings.

The Award Associates of America values our vendor partnerships. We are proud to provide a level playing field for our vendor partners and offer them a platform in which to promote their company and products to our members. As an organization, we do not promote or endorse one vendor over another if they offer similar product lines. All active vendor partners are invited to a Vendor Appreciation Reception allowing the members to show their appreciation to our valued vendor partners equally. Our summer/fall meeting allows vendor partners an opportunity to participate in a Vendor Showcase with 8 hours of exclusive presentation time with the members of the Award Associates, providing a secured setting to discuss new product innovations and group deals offered to members and get to know our members in a relaxed atmosphere.



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