Our Guiding Principles

Ethical business practices and sincere vendor partner relationships are principles held close within the Award Associates.

Our driving principle is that of operating in an ethical manner at all times. We are diligent and strive to build the highest reputation in the award industry with our vendor partners and our peers. We believe that the principle of Ethics must be upheld at all costs for the Association and each individual member company.

We believe in the principle of fair and honest treatment of our shareholders and hold that all members must be treated the same.

We stand behind the principle that leveraged negotiations are behind the success of our purchases. All negotiations are driven in an ethical and honest manner with all vendors and all information is kept confidential.

We hold to the principal that our vendor partners must reciprocate our belief in fair, honest and reputable business practices. Vendors with unethical tactics and treatment of members will not be tolerated and will not receive consideration as a stakeholder to the organization.

We believe that vendor partner relationships are a highly valued and partnership of respect which must be nurtured and appreciated.



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