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Two to three times a year, the Award Associates conducts national conferences which allow our members to assemble, learn and share best practices,
discuss operational efficiency, review new technology in the industry, network and capture new product innovations presented by our vendor partners.

Winter Conference

Las Vegas is the site of the annual Winter meeting that runs in conjunction with the Awards & Personalization show. This meeting runs over the
course of 5 days and allows for committee meetings, general membership meetings, vendor presentations, a vendor appreciation reception and
attendance of the APA tradeshow to see all the innovations in the award industry as well as time to network and enhance the camaraderie of our

Summer/Fall Conference

Hosted at a selected members location – this annual meeting moves around North America and provides members a live tour and review of the hosting
member’s business operations allowing each member the opportunity to benchmark and learn ways to improve operational efficiencies which they
can use to enhance their own business. The meeting runs 4 to 5 days; allowing for committee meetings, general meetings, an exclusive vendor
trade show and networking time between members and vendor partners alike.

Education Conference

The Award Associates values the fact that its members are kept on the cutting edge of technology and product developments. This conference, hosted
by a volunteer member allows for the education on operational and/or business practices to help increase productivity and save cost at each attending
members business. An evening at the member’s location kicks off the conference and is followed by a day and a half of seminars for members on
various topics.



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